CirclePad Is Going Out Of Business

We are very very sad to say that CirclePad is going out of business and will be shut down in the future. We’ve gone to great lengths to try and prevent this... which included us working without pay for over 3 1/2 years now. CirclePad was a dream for us and we built it with a lot of optimism and care for our customers. We are not happy about this happening but we honestly think it’s reached a point where it will be in peoples best interest to move on to another platform.

We have a small amount of money left that is shrinking. Our plan is to keep the servers up with that money as long as we can. That will give people the best chance to switch over to another web site builder and rebuild their site.

Why did this happen? As far as we can see there were two unfortunate events that caused this. The first was the rise of mobile killing Flash. We started CirclePad 7 years ago when phones could not be used for browsing the web. Mobile phones became popular and didn’t work well with Flash. We put a great deal of effort to workaround this, but in the end would have needed to restart the entire software from a different direction.

The second is that web builders are a popular area for funding. We faced over 30 competitors, each with 10’s of millions of dollars in funding. We tried to do it ourselves as a small family business and just hoped our good heart would allow us to succeed. The issue became that the cost of advertising has kept increasing and the customers coming in decreased. This is ultimately what has put us into a corner where we were working for free, running at a loss just trying to honor everyone using CirclePad.

So it’s a sad day here but I hope everyone understands we’ve really put an honest effort into helping and trying to prevent this from happening.

So how do we recommend people transition out of CirclePad? I think the simplest way is to try a couple web site builders, pick the one that feels best to you and rebuild your site. I know people will request an automatic transfer or download system but site builders are so different, it’s not a realistic plan. There are 2 ways you can pull material out of CirclePad though:

1) With screenshots. That’s shown here:

2) If you want to download an image directly, you can insert it on your page under “Graphics” > “Widgets” > “Html Photo”. That will allow you to open it in a browser and right click to save locally.

Questions? Send us a mail at: